Misadventures in Time and Space

Episode 2
We'll do it when they least expect it! Yesterday!

Please feel free to correct, finish, etc

Started on Planet, ??, and found a domed mining colony run by the IMC. Valance and Elias went to look around while Maven looked at captains log and found spoilers. Alexi did pilot things. Dr did mechanic things. Valance and Elias found a talkative barkeep who gave us a little information about the colony. Elias was able to find a map of the colony on one of the terminals while Valance got some info on a liquor distributor, The ginger named Burke.

Head back try to find out more info. Elias finally meets Maven. Looks for info, everyone has large long discussion. More hacking and info finding. Eat dinner and fun cut scene, the vodka is water. Bioscanner and defense shut down. valance steals uniforms. Request shuttle and alert local police. Valance almost arrested. We kill 10 guards. Get some better rifles. Elias is wounded again, reoccurring theme??? Now wanted by mining company and police, great.

Will flush out some tomorrow or this weekend when I have notes.


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