It’s a big, bad universe…

If you find a corner of it with some form of life, chances are you’ll find something that wants to destroy it, someone trying to exploit it, and someone else just trying to get by. What’s a rogue Time Lady to do, when she’s just passing through? Keep her aim sharp, her friends close, and her wits intact. Oh, and try not to break anything…

“Misadventures in Time and Space” is a spinoff of the Doctor Who campaign Trust Your Doctor. Formerly missing-in-action Time Lady the Maven has left the Doctor’s company to make her own way in the universe. Her journeys bring her to the 22nd Century and into the lives of a crew of ne’er-do-wells aboard the Vesper Bell, a starfaring freighter outfitted for a little bit of smuggling and a whole lot of running from would-be authorities looking to keep an “honest man” down. Together, they will cross paths with friends and enemies, both old and new, and even as the Maven begins to piece together the clues of a beguiling mystery her crew mates discover a hard truth: a man may be able to outrun the law, but that don’t mean he can outrun his past…


Episode 4


Hunted by the Issigri Mining Company, the Interstellar Space Corps, and ruthless space pirate Maurice Caven, the crew of the Vesper Bell have chosen to flee into the future, thanks to their new friend the Maven. But what they find on arrival is a universe not supposed to exist: earth burned to cinder, humanity hunted perhaps to extinction, and warfare between the Sontoran and Jullatii ravaging the cosmos. Apparently these ne’er-do-wells play a more important role in time and space than it first appeared. Now their resident Time Lord must get them back home and back on track… before the Reapers come calling.


Episode 3


The crew of the Vesper Bell hasn’t made many friends lately. One might think trying to rescue pleasure slaves, held against their will, on the planet Uxarieus would net some good karma, but when the plan goes wobbly and results in mass murder the only karma left to go around is the bad kind. The crew now counts the Issigri Mining Company among their list of enemies, and with a crime this loud they can also expect the Interstellar Space Corp to bring on the heat in a big, bad way. Fortunately, they may have a chance to squirm out of the whole mess, if they can turn one of their enemies into an unexpected ally…

Episode 2


Captain Corran Fenris may be dead, but that hasn’t saved the crew of the Vesper Bell from squaring his debts—an agenda which saw them negotiate a deal with shadow broker Sal Larence. The job: smuggle two containers of cryogenically preserved slaves out of New Marrakech and deliver them into a dismal future at an Issigri Mining Company colony on the planet Uxarieus. But slavery doesn’t sit too well with “acting captain” Valance Vansuela, who hatches a scheme intent on freeing those slaves without getting into further trouble with their ruthless creditors…

Episode 1


It is the year 2146. In the wake of tragedy, the crew of the Vesper Bell are trapped between a rock and a hard place: their captain dead, their FTL drive toast, and some very irate business partners looking to settle a score. Enter the Maven, who just might be able to help turn things around… if their luck doesn’t go all wobbly.

Misadventures in Time and Space

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